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About us

Kate Bell has always enjoyed cooking, and is Cordon Bleu trained. She is renowned for her variety of gorgeous meals; and is adept at catering for small or large numbers in different cuisines, calling on her team of other professionals as required.

Living in the heart of the Sussex countryside, finding great food can be a hit and miss affair. Yet having delicious meals is not just about eating: Kate believes it's about being together, chatting through the day and celebrating friendship and family so not having to worry about preparing good, reliable food is a real plus; and being able to eat when you want, how you want, formally or informally in your own home is also a bonus.

By taking away the hassle and strains of planning, shopping, cooking (and washing up as you cook!) you can really enjoy the occasion, whether it's a formal dinner, a catch-up supper, a celebration party or a glorious picnic at Goodwood, Glyndebourne or Petworth.

While there is an extensive menu from which to choose, Kate has many other ideas, too. She also offers advice on which dishes suit which occasions, what's in season and even what guests tend to like! Most dishes can be adapted to suit particular tastes e.g. low salt requirements, a dislike of garlic(!) or food allergies. Also to hand are a hundred other ideas which may suit your needs more: just give Kate a call.

Kate's Kitchen vouchers now available for birthday/anniversary treats starting at £70.

Pancetta and tomato salad